Nicole Jacobs By Nicole Jacobs • June 29, 2018

Time to get your dog GREEN!

As an environmentally conscious person for the greater good of all and for the well being of myself and my current household of my dog and I, I like to choose products that are healthy for me and just as healthy for my dog.

10906266_10153042980403278_5833505658724450809_nThere are so many toys made from synthetic materials, dog treats with fillers and meat “byproducts”, cleansers full of chemicals, that I was very concerned 5 years ago when I became a proud mom to my pup Ramsay.  For myself, I have been clean and free of 99% of chemicals used for my daily skin and hair care, laundry, household cleaning, diet etc. that I thought why should my dog’s care be any less?

The question always arises about cost.  And that is a concern I easily debunk.  What costs more…  treating a problem that you have created or simply prevent it now?  Healthcare for humans is the same for dogs.  What you put on and in your body, affects your health, and the SAME goes for your little (and sometime not so little) best friend.

Listed below are 6 sourced treats, toys and cleansers that Ramsay uses for his care that I suggest you look at as well.  Live happy, be healthy, play a lot!!!!



FROMM – crunchy grain free oven-baked treat – variety of flavors – they come packed with nutrients and are not over processed

ZUKE’S- chewy treats (for my boyfriend’s dog Peeva, who likes them soft) – variety of flavors –  they use high quality whole food ingredients that are all listed on their website and made in the USA



Bumi toys - Made from extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind Zogoflex material, the Bumi is 100% recyclable and is a buoyant, made in the USA, BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and dishwasher safe line of toys.

West Paw toys – JIVE line- Made from Zogoflex material with eco friendly materials that are durable, fun in shapes and sizes.



Paws and Pals Natural Dog Shampoo – Good ingredients for your doggie, tear free, and even the bottle has a low impact on the environment

Dr. Bronner’s Pure- Castile Soap – liquid – Like I stated earlier what’s good for you can be good for doggie too!  I use this soap in the shower for myself and for Ramsay! Certified Fair-Trade Ingredients.

By trying your best now and switching things over that your pet enjoys to healthier, cleaner options I am certain you and your best friend will be happier and healthier together for the better!

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