Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • August 28, 2018

Why humans will never be implanted with microchips

A company in the flyover state of Wisconsin called three square market has been getting a lot of national attention lately for microchipping their employees. 

company lies about human microchip.Unless this outfit is taking a publish then filter approach to generate buzz in an effort to get funding from a half wit VC firm to then figure out it will not work... then well, I can't think of any other reason?

The company CEO, Todd Westby was  on CNBC the other day to talk about it.  He said 92 employees that were implanted with rice sized microchips "for the fun of it" can now scan their microchips to gain access into the building that his offices are located in, log into the company computer systems, and process payments.  

What's the point?

Peeva Bloomberg LP B-UnitThese "conveniences" Westby boasts about are nothing new and have been readily available already with biometric fingerprint scanning technology for years.   Bloomberg LP has required a biometric fingerprint scanner via the (B-UNIT) to log into Bloomberg to prevent password sharing for well over a decade, and law enforcement has been dusting for fingerprints for god only knows how long?  And most smartphones now come equipped with a biometric fingerprint scan option to use instead of a password.

Perhaps this company developed a new economic system that nobody know about. Does it link to paypal or apple pay? I haven't heard anything of the sort, but I would be interested in seeing a demo of how it works.  (sarcasm). 

The inarticulate Westby then went on to babble, "Amazon just hired a top notch doctor and Walmart is looking into patents on stuff."  He also said his company is "making implanting humans with microchips acceptable by bringing it to the forefront by getting people talking about it".  

This much is true. People are talking about, because it's terrifying to people that don't understand the technology.

Rest assured, the paranoia is unnecessary as it's based on bullshit claims such as their current development of an implantable GPS microchip powered by body heat and another with voice recognition

Do human microchips have GPS?


1. Microchips are NOT GPS

2. Microchips DO NOT store personal information about you other than a string of digits.

3. There is no such thing as a GPS microchip

4. Microchips are much too large to be implanted in any living thing.

A GPS chip (not to be confused with a microchip) is much too large to be implanted into an elephant- let alone a small kitten and it requires an EXTERNAL power source or piezoelectric nanogenerator technology activated by kinetic energy to work- however, neither of which are small enough to be implanted into any living thing. Further, anything implanted into the body of a dog, cat or human has to get FDA approval- which takes years, millions of dollars, and real scientists to develop. It would also be contested by many.


Fair Analysis...

I was interested to learn more about their actual microchips so I then went to their website and accessed the link on the first page that says Heard about us in the news? want to learn more about our micro technologies HERE! There was no documentation of the sort. There was no spec sheet like the one Peeva clearly provides.

Fair questions...


What is the frequency of their microchips?

Who is manufacturing their microchips and where are they getting them from? 

Are they ICAR certified? You can read about the importance of an ICAR certification here.

Did they reverse engineer Avid’s scanners? Will any pet owner with a pet that is implanted with an avid microchip be able to get into their building? 

Their rice sized microchips are first off encrypted like the ones offered by the Avid brand. They also look the EXACT SAME. 






Three Square Market microchips                                                       Avid Brand Microchips

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