Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • December 6, 2018

What is Pawlytics?

To resolve the missing pet problem, you need to resolve the data problem.

The veterinary field in general, first off, lags behind other industries technologically. It is an extremely fragmented industry and this disorganization has enabled many animal welfare organizations the ability to slip through the cracks and be disingenuous by not being forthcoming with their reporting. It is only a matter of time until they are eventually going to be called out by eager and passionate entrepreneurs that are going to use their talents to fix problems.



Lizz Whitacre identified the problem first hand in her 11 years involvement at various animal welfare organizations, shelters, and foster based animal rescue shelters in Minneapolis and Nebraska where she found a great amount of time was spent on mundane tasks such as follow-ups and progress tracking and these organizations constantly struggled to be effective because of these bottlenecks. She then started Pawlytics- a data management system for animal rescue groups and shelters that takes disorganized internal data and centralizes it to free up time wasted on repetitive tasks by automating these processes which in turn will maximize their actual life-saving potential.

Features include:

Direct Messaging- an internal communication tool that allows you to keep all lines of communication with internal and external members in one place.

Smart Adoption Predictor- a predictive algorithm to find regions with the best probability of adoption for a specific pet.

Volunteer Portal- where volunteers can now be shared between organizations and can see every volunteer event in their area.

Transport Organizer- An automated set up that connects volunteers with rescues that need pets transported and cuts down on the logistics of getting an animal from Point A to Point B.

Pet manager- manage incoming, current, and past pets in one location.

A custom form builder for adoption applications and more.

Volunteers can create a free account where they can share the type of volunteering they're interested in and then search for local events that need their help.

Pawlytics is innovative technology in an easy to use interface totally scalable to organizations of all sizes.

The secret sauce:

Pawlytics enables organizations the ability to keep track animals’ medical conditions, foster arrangements, organization members and more in one central location.









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