Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • September 17, 2020

SPOILER ALERT; a pet scanner app is still total science fiction.

So in December of 2016 I published a blog post to set the record straight that there is no pet microchip scanner app for any smartphone device that can read a microchip and in very great detail I outlined the reasons why. This post has since been viewed well over 100,000 times and for good reason. It’s the truth.

Spoiler alert with this update, the above still holds true. There is no app for any smartphone device capable of reading a pet microchip and there will never be one. You can read all about why here.  

This is an obvious “why not?” invention. Again, I outlined all the reasons why it simply is not possible. Nevertheless, there are entertainment apps that show up in search that claim to do the same, but if you visit their websites or simply read their one star reviews of total disappointment…. duh! 

To save you the hassle, I have taken 5 minutes to actually look into these. That's all it takes. It honestly takes more time out of my day to post about this. For the record, Peeva would love it if this was possible. I would fund it personally. 
Bull Shit pet scanner apps
Then there are the smoke and mirrors Youtube videos such as the one below. First off, the attachment is not an antenna of any kind. It looks quite similar to a piece to a childs fisher price toy that may have fallen off a tree house or something... and then stuck in the headphone jack? 
Eitherway, if you read the comments nobody can find it anywhere... Where to buy? Anyone that would front the capital for an OEM in mass quantities with circuitry, the various components, and 3d printing would at least have an online store.  
The antenna is also way too small.
smoke and mirrors
Eitherway, it is an external attachment much like the below device that is also very pricey in comparison to Universal Scanners offered by Home Again, or Datamars.
Now the one that I was excited about as it appeared to be promising was the dog scanner app, but doah! 
no smartphone pet micrcohip scanner app