Nicole Jacobs By Nicole Jacobs • September 3, 2018

How to prevent dog breath

Dog breath. You're dog doesn't even want it.

Look below for an inciteful infographic on how to prevent bad dog breath. 

Have you ever leaned in to snuggle with your fur baby only to take a couple steps back after taking a whiff of the morning (afternoon, evening) breath?  I’m not talking about puppy breath, but rather a more pungent, offensive odor that can make them difficult to be near. 

So what can you do besides buy some expensive pet products that most likely just mask the problem rather than fix it? By no means should these tips take the place of a vet visit, as rotten teeth and other digestive problems can lead to much bigger issues.

Take a look at these tips to addresses some initial concerns you may have about dragon breath of your doggy:



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