Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • March 16, 2017

Facebook message sent, not delivered.

I messaged someone on Facebook and it's been sent, not delivered. The problem is, the person has gone online. What is going on? I had this issue sevaral months ago then posted it to quora after I figured it out.

Ultimately you want to know if A. that they read your message, becuase you aplogized profusely for XYZ and they so need to know that or B. you hope they didn't read your message you sent them when you were drunk.

Usually a good rule of thumb is to just really understand that drunken messages are truthful messages.

Regardless, here's the kicker- you know that the person you sent the message to has been online since you sent it. So did they get it or not???  

This at one time meant- until recently- that your messages were sent to the persons other folder that filtered messages from unknown contacts to a the "other folder". This was a feature that everyone had the opportunity to set in their privacy settings. This feature, however, is now only limited to people that reach out to you that are not friends or friends of friends. If you go to your own privacy settings- there is a section that says "who can contact me".


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.08.46 PM.jpg


The strictest filter is friends of friends. If they are not a friend- or a friend of a friend, that message will not be delivered. If the person you sent the message to IS a friend, or a friend of a friend and you are still getting the open circle with the check mark:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.22.51 PM.jpg

(not the filled in one with the white check mark) that implies that it was sent, but not delivered; however, that is NOT possible. What it means is they have downloaded and installed a Google feature called Facebook unseen- so it appears as if it your message was never delivered and went to their other folder- not the case. if you sent the message to a friend or a friend of a friend- it was definitely seen and probably read. So to recap- messages are always delivered and probably read. That person does not want you to know they read your message. That's it.