Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • July 27, 2017

dog's eye view

What the world really looks like from a dog's eye view.

If you've ever wondered how your dog sees the world, I came across a really cool app today while dorking around on petlovergeek that does that for you. 

Do dogs really see things only in black and white?

No, but they are color blind. Being color blind doesn't mean seeing the world in black and white - like through a black and white television set.  It just means you can't see certain colors.  I used to think it meant seeing only grey tones only, until I learned of my own colorblindness.  For example, I often get pink and orange jelly beans mixed up and when I was a little kid I thought the kid down the street lived in a purple house (it was brown). I recently made fun of one of my friends for buying purple leather couches on sale (also brown).  

Something to think about next time your dog grabs the green ball when you clearly said the purple one.

Dogvision app

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.26.03 PM.jpg

I spent way too long today walking around work taking dogs eye view pics today. Anyway check it out. 


Peeva is also really alert, but I notice she kind of dazes when you get super close. That is because dog's see things blurry.


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