Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • August 8, 2019

Buffalo Barks Grooming and Daycare in Buffalo

Do you ever go somewhere- particularly a retail establishment and get totally blown away by it?   Buffalo Barks is an example. So much so that I want to shout from the rooftops about how awesome it is.

I was on my way home from my parents home in Williamsville, NY, one day when I got a call from our Director of Veterinary Relations. “Michael, what are you doing? Are you busy, you gotta check this place out?” Me, “I’m headed back downtown from the rents house, I have Lily (my one year old whose birthday is today) and Peeva in the car with me. I can’t bring the two of them to a vet office.” He’s like, “I’m at Buffalo Barks. It's sweet!” 

What is Buffalo Barks?


Buffalo Barks is not a vet office. They are a doggie daycare, hotel, and groomer that is really compassionate about dog daycare. Just don’t call it a kennel. (It could get awkward if you do). 

Most “kennels” don’t have staff onsite 24/7 for:

  • Pet CPR
  • Pet First Aid
  • Safe Moving
  • Illness
  • Bleeding & Wound Care
  • Shock Management
  • Vital Signs & Behaviors
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Poisonings & Envenomations


Why Buffalo Barks?


It should be common sense to know that your dog can feel lonely when left alone at home all day. What Buffalo Barks does is provide an environment where they can play with other dogs and become better socialized among humans and other canines. Bringing your dogs to Buffalo Barks means they will be able to run, rest, and interact with other pups for a healthier, more socialized pup. Think Dog Days, but on steroids.

Although they are not a 24/7 operation, the owner, David, goes back every night before midnight to let the dogs go out and he sleeps there 99% of the time. Their GM Cheryl does every once in awhile as well. 


It's all about the dogs!



The staff takes the time and effort to learn more about you and your dog, including their behaviors, habits, and play preferences. They bring a personalized approach to caring for your pet while you’re away. The owner David literally stays there overnight and does so often. They are way more than just a dog boarding service. 

All dogs that go there are treated as if they are their own… and some of them actually are by default as they are rescues that have been living there for months.

They require a meet and greet. 

Your dog meets with another one of their more laid back pups to make sure your dog can behave in the group. If all goes well, your dog can enjoy a free day in their care. 

Required Vaccinations

Members are required to provide up-to-date records of vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough). They also prefer your dog(s) are protected against fleas and heartworm. This is to protect every dog.

Dog interaction

It is important to keep your dog socialized hey know it’s important to keep your dog socialized. Proper socialization and they know this which is why they help your dog interact with humans and other canines. 

Group Play

Dogs play in groups, but you don’t have to worry about over-stimulation. They provide resting and napping areas when your pet needs a little alone time as well. They are sensitive about special needs.

Dietary restrictions

They encourage you to be as detailed as possible when entrusting them with your dog’s care. The more specific you are on the Boarding Application, the better they can accommodate your pet’s specific needs. Special foods are encouraged.


As noted above, Buffalo Barks employees are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR and we can give meds from pills to shots and there is never a charge.

Special needs

Yes. They have have dogs that are deaf, blind, three legs etc… 

Indoor play areas (Apx. 5000 sq. ft.) play area

Outdoor play areas (Apx. 2000 sq. ft.) play area.