Michael Hamilton By Michael Hamilton • February 9, 2019

Bluetooth pet tracking

Can Bluetooth be used for tracking? 

The fear of a pet wandering outside and being taken to a shelter before even knowing about it is a pet owners nightmare. A company called Pawscout has developed a pet tag that will alert you via mobile app if that happens. Unlike GPS tags that will show your pet's location on a map from anywhere, the secret sauce to the “smart tag app” uses Bluetooth technology to track your pet and   utilizes the community as a resource, as well. According to yahoo, as soon as your pet goes missing, you can mark them as "lost." Anyone with the Pawscout app on their phone who passes within 300 feet of a lost pet will get a notification with instructions on contacting the pet's owner. 

This of course would be dependent on a critical mass of users that would all need to have the app installed on their phone for it to have any value.

The tag also allows pet owners to create a digital profile of their pet where they can upload pics of their pet, medical issues, vaccinations, behavioral issues and the like… or unlike. This feature is nothing other than a cloud-based folder.  

There is no integration with a pet portal or anything of the like, so there is no value. Pet owners would essentially just copy and paste medical records from some other source and then upload to a cloud folder as they can already do in Google Docs, Icloud, Dropbox or any other, other ubiquitous cloud storage options.

Other drawbacks

It doesn't look like pet's really enjoy it.

bluetooth tracking app

    • bluetooth has a short range and is a hassle to pair 
    • relies on external power
    • dependent on a critical mass of users that will need to have the app for it to have any value

This will more than likely just get lost in a sea of all the other millions of  apps out there that nobody uses.


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